About the Program

What is the (B2B) Seller Program?

B2B is a marketplace to serve the needs of Business Customers. Sellers can expand their B2B sales with exclusive ways to target Business Customers. Business Customers benefit from business-tailored features such as Business Price, Quantity Discounts, Business compliant Invoices and Business Only Offers.

Who is Business Customer?

Business Customer is a customer who has completed the business account registration process, provided valid business license details and has been verified by us based on publicly available data.


What are the main differences between the (B2B) Seller Program and (B2C) Seller?

(B2B) Seller Program allows sellers to cater to the specific requirements of Business Customers by providing exclusive features optimized for business-to-business transactions.



Who is eligible to join the (B2B) Seller Program?

All who have registered Product or new in the business are eligible to join B2B Seller Program, provided they have the corporate authorisations and licensing capability to sell to Business customers. Business Invoice badge will be enabled only for B2B offers so that Business Customers can choose to buy only those offers where they can get Business Invoice.


How much does it cost to sell products as an Amazon Business (B2B) Seller?

The standard Fee Schedule on B2B Sellers. However, you get exclusive access to Discounted Referral Fees on select categories for bulk B2B orders. mail us on info.amitpamnani@gmail.com to know more about the Discounted Referral Fee and standard fee.

How do I cancel my B2B Seller status?

You may opt out of the B2B Seller Program at any point.

Please reach out to the Seller Support for any further queries Info.amitpamnani@gmail.com

Getting Started

Where do I manage my Business-to-Business inventory?

You do not need to keep a different inventory earmarked for business orders. 


How should I file tax returns for my B2B Orders?

You are required to file tax returns at a transaction level for every B2B order and mention the Business Customer’s GSTIN as mentioned in the B2B Reports. 


What is Business Price? How is it different from “Regular price or Retail Price”?

Business Price is a discounted price that B2B Sellers can offer to their Business Customers. This price will be available/visible only to Business Customers. “Regular price" or "Standard Price" or "Retail Price" is the retail price for your product for all customers who are non – Business entities, and who purchase products for their personal use and not for re-sale. Your Business Price cannot be higher than your Regular Price but can be equal to the Regular Price.


Can a product have a Business Price and a Regular Price?

Yes. Business Price can exist in addition to the Regular Price.


Can Business Customers purchase my product if there is no Business Price?

Yes. As a Business Seller, if you do not provide a Business Price for your products, Business Customers can purchase your products at your Retail Price.


What are Quantity Discounts?

Quantity Discounts are the discounts extended by the Business B2B Sellers to encourage Business Customers to buy in bulk quantities.


How do I identify a Business Order?

Business Buyer label to the right of the Order ID.


What is Business Invoice? Do I need to provide Business Invoice to a Business Customer for the products sold on Retail Price?

Business Invoice generated contains Customer’s Business Name, GST number (if any) and Purchase Order number. Yes, you are required to provide Business Invoice to a Business Customer even if the product is sold for a Retail Price.


What is Business Only Offer?

While the Business Price and Quantity Discounts that you set will be visible only to business customers, the Regular Price would still be visible to all customers. However, if you wish to make an offer only to business customers, you can do so by providing only a Business Price and no Regular Price.