About Me

I have been attempting to know life and human behaviour since my childhood. heaps of credit goes to my family and friends for golf shot Pine Tree State on this path. they schooled Pine Tree State heaps. Through Associate in a Nursing analysis of life, I got an awfully wise and seasoned image of life and relationships at an awfully early age. however, do I do know it absolutely was wise? as a result of I used to be able to solve heaps of my issues with it. On high of what my guruji schooled Pine Tree State, I frolicked and energy into it. I even believe that I actually have an honest ability for this. a part of the rationale I don’t get bored simply. So, all of that combined, my understanding of human thoughts and behaviours grew chop-chop. Then I studied Art of living and learnt what’s been discovered and developed in human history thus far. Here, my very own expertise came in-tuned with the world’s best practices and data. In light-weight of this new info, a number of my ideas were rejected, some confirmed and therefore the rest increased. currently, I’m victimisation those ideas to assist individuals to live higher lives. And as I do this, my ideas keep obtaining better… creating it quite a ‘virtuous cycle’. 

oh! I actually have numerous dreams. Sometimes, I feel there's such a lot to try to, I’m drowning in opportunities. If solely I may clone myself repeatedly and do each plan my brain thinks of. Anyway, my long-arching goal is, creating the most effective knowledge on earth accessible to each human, as quick as attainable. knowledge must be schooled to everybody, while not an exception. this can be quite like education. the requirement can ne'er finish. every human that's born, should learn some things to guide an honest enough life. we have a good structure for creating individuals literate, however not one for creating individuals wiser. I get pleasure from doing conservationist works, thrombocyte donor, the art of living teaching and meditation. So, my dream would be, “to produce a society wherever knowledge is often transferred to every individual efficiently”. Everything that you simply see Pine Tree State do, is build up towards that, a minimum of in my mind.


My name is Amit Pamnani. My formal designation is… ‘Server Support Specialist', however, my core is conservationist and Art of living teaching. So, though I didn’t end a degree in it. Also, in my view, conservationist is often outlined as ‘Environment work has done through Vedic scientific methods’. quite an overlap there. simply to form things look additional engaging, I finished my degree Master in Business in-network Infrastructure Management and PG credentials in property Management of Natural resources and nature conservation, certification and technical coaching Microsoft certified solutions associate - windows server 2012 (MCSA), Cisco certified network skilled (CCNA), ITIL certified and VMware certified skilled. worked with Wipro, IBM, Amdocs code - IT service table, Symantic- keep a copy White House school support and enjoying my current company pivot worldwide-client: Crum & Forster Insurance. So, even supposing All this skilled method my bread and butter going well and consummated with my social need. however seriously, somewhere in my mind, I'm continually involved concerning nature, Human real achievements and our future generation healthy life. being an individual's being I'm alert to however we have a tendency to square measure destroying nature, So, operating laborious to provide back to society and nature through Tree Plantation, Platelates donation, Art of living Teaching and Meditation.